Static image of Chernoff Faces applet

Chernoff Faces Applet

Code discussion

The Faces applet uses two classes (originally three) to do its thing.

The first of these, the applet code, is This is the usual applet code, with extensions to deal with the parameters and what they let you do. It isn't very well commented, which I'll try to remedy soon, and there are lots of half-done chunks lying around, like the TextField stuff, but it works, and I'm happy. As soon as I learn more about GridBagLayout, I'll go in and put the TextFields back in.

The second, the code which actually does the drawing, is This probably isn't the best way to do it, so I'm going to go back and do some double-buffering on the images and so forth, but hey. What do you want for free?

The third, unused class,, was my first attempt at getting the original Macintosh C code to work without modification. I had to change a few things, and this represents a glimpse into the development process. I eventually just made the various routines into methods in, after cleaning them up a bit.